Shimon Malul

VP Sales & Marketing - PCB Design & Manufacturing


LP Printed Circuits embarked on its path in the field a few years ago, as a company which prides itself on personalized, precise, and professional service. Upon its launch the company espoused two main principles: focus, and satisfied clients.

We realize and implement the principle of focus by dedicating our full attention with regard to PCB design of all types professionally, using precise working methods and actions which aspire for perfection at all times.

The principle of maintaining satisfied clients is implemented by providing comprehensive professional consulting and advising the client throughout the process, from the first concept stage to manufacturing. This principle is expressed best by our availability to our many clients around the clock, 24/7, knowing that availability is an important added value in such a dynamic, fast-developing world.

We are here at your service at any time and for any issue, ready to offer advice, to explain, to assist our clients and to improve the process.

Micro BGA B&B Via
Analog / Power supply
Back plans
Flexible & Rigid-flexible
Fast Digital / Matched Lengths / Controlled Impedance
Multi-Giga Frequencies till 18 GHz

Printed circuits, component creation and consulting services

Moti Kind 2,Rehovot, Israel
[email protected]

Our Clients

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