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WE are a private elevator consulting company specializing in vertical transportation, experts in the planning, supervision and successful implementation of vertical movement in various dedicated buildings.

WE Partners

WE are an integral part of the planning and implementation of hundreds of projects in Israel and around the world of vertical transport. In each project we see ourselves as your professional partners in all related issues to elevators and vertical transport vehicles, we learn the needs of each project and acting to maximize the benefits required for you.

WE Smart

WE are characterized by a professional and creative approach, with an emphasis on planning optimal vertical traffic resulting from the analysis of the DNA of the project, the vision of the developer, the architectural design, the quality definitions and the implementation of the most advanced technologies. All at the same time while meeting a balanced budget.

WE Team

WE firm is managed by Mr. Tal Wolansky, who has decades of experience in the design and characterization of elevators and is considered a leading expert in the industry.

The firm's staff is very experienced and consists of professional experts and professionals in their field. The firm's staff includes engineers, architects, certified inspectors, certified elevator installers and accessibility consultants.

WE Professional

WE professional staff undergoes professional training frequently at the largest elevator and escalator companies in the world and has credited pioneering, unique and diverse solutions in the industry.

Our technical workers have an in-depth knowledge of the latest models of elevators and escalators, the latest command systems, technology, and applications. This familiarity allows to make an optimal choice of the equipment in order to create high-quality vertical traffic systems in the building.

WE Analizer

WE are planning processes which include performing traffic simulations for the building depending on the location in the user type and the quality settings, setting the size, quantity, and location of the elevators. Writing special technical specifications for elevators, supervising, receiving, and verifying the performance of elevators by an advanced analysis system including professional guidelines for maximizing elevator performance.

WE Reliable

Reliability, integrity, and fairness are inherent in the culture of our organization. Following is a list of some of our loyal and returning customers: entrepreneurs, contracting companies, architects,

Inspection offices, engineering companies, commercial companies and various institutions.

Among our clients:


Hasid Brothers


Acro Real Estate

Ofer Brothers


Gindi Investments


Dagesh project management

Gindi Holdings

Zim Centers


Ashdar Group


Skorka Architects

Canada Israel

Mega Or

Mochly-Eldar Architects

Effi Capital

The Gateway to Israel

D-BLK  Architects



Oka Architects

Carasso Real Estate

Margolin Brothers

Knafo Klimor Architects


Yaski Mor Sivan Architects

Assuta Hospital


Kika Braz Architects


Gav Yam

Waxman Govrin Geva Project

AD 120 – Retirement Centers


Nizan-Inbar Project Management Ltd.


Shikun & Binui is Israel

 Azrieli Group


Africa Israel Residence

Moshe Tzur Architects

Azrieli Palace

Sarfati Shimon Ltd.

Efrati-Madpis project management



Ampa Real Estate

Bayit Balev –  Retirement  Residences




Some of our projects:


Kikar Hamedina Towers


Microsoft Herzeliya

G. T. Y. Har Hotzvim campus

GAV YAM Herzliya

Mobileye Jerusalem

Gindi Sarona

GAV YAM Matam Park

Intel Petah Tikva

WIX Glilot

Beit Manzur, Ra’anana

Phoenix – The 1000 compound


The Mosheva square

Millenia – Prashkovsky


Bezeq – Azrieli

Gindi Tower TLV

Da Vinci Project

Asia House

Palace Modi’in


Sea Gate

The Rothschild complex project – Ahad Ha'am

Midtown Jerusalem

Intel IDC12


Azrieli Midtown

One Tower

 Thank you for taking the time to read our company profile.
We will be happy to be your partner  for any challenge, project, or professional issues.

Consultancy and Planning

WE accompanies architects and developers at all stages of planning. As experienced and creative elevator consultants, we will together identify the quantity, size, and location of elevators in the initial program stage, depending on the nature of the planned population in the building and its branding, while focusing on optimal core utilization and in accordance with as many elevator manufacturers as possible. Already in the early planning stages, we will provide the various consultants with all the data required to complete the planning and submit plans for a permit.

Elevator Refurbishment and Replacement

WE will provide you with consulting, planning, and independent expert opinion services, peace of mind, clarity, and quick understanding of any project. In addition, technological and functional support and updates that will be tailored to the entire duration of the implementation/changes taking place. The right use of our extensive knowledge and experience in specialized tools and software will provide optimal results and professional and accurate recommendations, and will allow you to find effective solutions and quality elevators.

Improving User Experience and After-Sales Support

WE will be a channel for you to stay up-to-date with trends and innovations in the global elevator industry, while protecting your interests and integrity with elevator companies. Together, we will identify the real/correct needs for the project and ensure that it remains in line with the budget.

Professional Characterization and Support

WE is a long-term strategic partner that provides expertise, experience, and comprehensive knowledge of regulations, standards, and laws, leveraging relationships with suppliers in the industry for the benefit of customers, and maximizing new technological insights. WE Wolanski Engineering's tools and overall capabilities will help you make the right choices that are most suitable for you and your customers.

Office address: 14 Bar Kochva st. Bnei Brak, Israel
WebSite: www.lifts.co.il
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +972-3-6488831

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